Alcohol Dependency Rehab & Detox at Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu is the world’s leading drug and alcohol dependency rehab and detox center for holistic therapy treatments, offering real holistic healing in mind, body and spirit. Established in 2001 and located in Southern California, alcohol dependency rehab is safe and life-changing with Passages Malibu. Alcohol rehab covers all types of alcohol dependency, including:

  • Wine addiction
  • Beer addiction
  • Liquor addiction

Passages Malibu was listed by Forbes Magazine as one of the “Most Luxurious Places” to receive alcohol dependency rehabilitation. Treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction at Passages Malibu are considered the best in the world by Healthcare Global. The Joint Commission gives Passages Malibu the Gold Seal of Approval for its outstanding luxury rehab and natural detox from drugs and alcohol; only 6% of luxury rehab centers in the United States have been given the Gold Seal by the Joint Commission.

Drug and alcohol dependency rehab at Passages is not a 12-step program, nor is it like any luxury rehab program you have ever seen before. When you are ready to get help for yourself or someone you love, Passages Malibu is ready to provide effective alcohol dependency rehab and luxury alcohol detox. Call ​866-531-9829 for more information about alcohol dependency rehabilitation in Malibu, California.   

Luxury Alcohol Detox

Alcohol addiction creates a strong physical dependency that can be difficult and dangerous to break without professional medical supervision. Passages Malibu provides an all-natural detox from alcohol using holistic therapy treatments and no chemicals. Holistic healing from alcohol addiction leaves you with the experience and skillsets needed to resist all types of alcohol abuse as you move forward in life.

Luxury alcohol detox with Passages Malibu is:

  • Peaceful – Detox from alcohol takes place in a deluxe suite overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
  • Private – Medical staff are available around-the-clock, but respectful of waking hours.
  • Effective – Natural supplementation and holistic therapy treatments like massage therapy will hasten the luxury alcohol detox recovery period and keep cravings to a minimum.

Call 866-531-9829 to learn about each member of your Treatment Team at Passages Malibu’s luxury alcohol dependency rehab and treatment center in California. Alcohol rehabilitation is always dignified and respectful at Passages Malibu, so please do not hesitate to call.


Passages Malibu Co-Founders: Chris and Pax Prentiss

Pax Prentiss was once addicted to alcohol, cocaine, heroin and other substances for over ten years. He was ready to put a stop to them all, but traditional drug and alcohol dependency rehabilitation programs were failing him by using negative stereotypes and outdated treatment methods. Whether he was in a therapist’s office or a luxury rehab treatment program, workers always called Pax an “addict”.

With help from his father Chris, Pax Prentiss created Passages Malibu as an alternative approach to conventional drug and alcohol dependency rehab centers. Passages Malibu provides luxury drug and alcohol dependency rehab to hundreds of clients every year by using holistic healing strategies that are very similar to those utilized by Pax himself.

For more information about Passages Malibu’s alcohol rehabilitation and detox, call ​866-531-9829.